Four-time heavyweight champion Carl Frosch has responded to speculations that he might ditch retirement in anticipation of a fight with Gennady Golovkin.

However, Frosch was quick to rubbish the rumor claiming the offer doesn't tempt him.

Frosch who insisted that Golovkin is only desperate for a big name considers himself too big an opponent for the current unified WBA (Super), WBC, IBF, and IBO middleweight champion.

Carl Froch Impressed By Crolla

Carl Froch might not be fighting it out any more, but he surely influences many fights still and gives his opinion about the different fights that take place around WBA.

For instance, the recent fight that happened between Ismael Barroso and Anthony Crolla saw Crolla defeat his opponent in the Manchester ring. Carl Froch had a ringside view of the match. He found Crolla to have all the attributes to make him a world champion in the WBA lightweight category. What he displayed has impressed Froch appreciably.

Carl Froch Celebrates His Daughter’s Birthday

Carl Froch might be a fighter in his professional life, but he is also a dad in his personal life.

Ward wants Carl Froch fight, but not in Nottingham

American boxer Andre Ward has admitted that he wants to face English Carl Froch once again and is also prepared to travel to the United Kingdom if he needed to in order to make the fight happen.

The World Boxing Association or the WBA has ordered its two Super Middleweight champions to face each other - Froch is the holder of the regular belt whereas the American is the Super World title holder - but Ward had previously gone on record to say that he would not accede to the Englishman's demands of having the fight in Nottingham.

Carl Froch wants Andre Ward to cross the Atlantic and fight him in England

English boxer Carl Froch has challenged Andre Ward to make the journey across the Atlantic for the first time in his career and face him at the City Grounds in Nottingham, home to his beloved Nottingham Forest Football Club.

Ward has been recognised as the best fighter in the Super Middleweight category when he defeated the Englishman in the final of the Super Six tournament that was held in Atlantic City and the Cobra now wants to set the record straight by avenging that loss.

Tease Of Having Future Opponents Beyond Chavez

Carl Martin Froch is an English professional boxer who has been world champion in the super middle-weight division for four times. He has won the WBC title two times and is the IBF champion for now. The champion is very open and clear minded in expanding his career beyond the match up with Julio Chavez Jr. Which is being agreed to be a dream match.

The Chavez deal now being nearly done, Carl insists that his going to Vegas to fight against him might not be the swansong he had necessarily been pointing out.

Chavez Jr. lawsuit threatens Carl Froch fight

The long cherished Las Vegas dream of Carl Froch has suffered a setback after his potential opponent Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and his promotional team became entangled in a fresh controversy, complicating issues.

The Mexican boxer announced recently that he has signed a deal with renowned boxing promoter Al Haymon and had tipped to take on the Englishman in a long awaited bout in February 2015.

Sarah Thellman Crowned As World Champion Of Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a game that has seen many tough fights. This is an art of fight which famous amongst the circuit of fighting championships. The Taekwondo championship is one of the things to look out for and recently Sarah Thellman became the Taekwondo World Champion. She previously used to be a school receptionist. She took a break from her daily job from school and became the world champion in this form of martial arts. This was one of the occurrences which are rare a school receptionist leaving her work to fulfil what her country require her to do.

Amir Khan disappointed at Visa debacle and looking forward to support

Amir Khan continues to face problem with his Visa that was rejected by the United States. The veteran English boxer wished to watch the matchup between Flyod Mayweather and Marcos Maidana. Amir Khan himself expressed his disappointment as he was initially granted the permission but later denied by the US officials to visit the country. Security reasons were put up as an excuse but his lawyers were not ready to accept the decision. This was a quite a blow to the career of the boxer as well as he has a bout in the later part of the year in the US.

Condit Directed Indefinite Medical Suspension

Sad news for Carlos Condit fans- the leading American MMA champ has been sentenced an indefinite medical suspension given serious injuries at the recently concluded UFC 171 match. TDLR (Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation) announced the news yesterday.