Carl Froch Impressed By Crolla

Carl Froch might not be fighting it out any more, but he surely influences many fights still and gives his opinion about the different fights that take place around WBA.

For instance, the recent fight that happened between Ismael Barroso and Anthony Crolla saw Crolla defeat his opponent in the Manchester ring. Carl Froch had a ringside view of the match. He found Crolla to have all the attributes to make him a world champion in the WBA lightweight category. What he displayed has impressed Froch appreciably.

The performance that Crolla set up against Ismael was found to be remarkable by Froch. He felt that Crolla performed in a disciplined manner and was brilliant as well in his performance. Froch found it emotional to be by the ringside of an arena where he had hogged the spotlight so many times. He found it mesmerizing as well. This night he was not inside the ring, but being an onlooker was an amazing experience as well.

The game had not been an easy one for Crolla. He weathered hits nonstop from Barroso. However, at the end he put up a stop which is when things got exciting for everyone who was watching the match. Froch felt that the crowd responded to the way Crolla put up a fight at the end which is not very common. Many people think that Crolla is a nice guy and that he had the potential to win this fight. However the way he did it and how well he performed is what shocked most people. He held onto the world title even though the fight was long and hard. He appreciated the fact that legendary fighters like Carl were there to witness his performance and show their appreciation as well.