Are you in Queensland this weekend? If you are, why not head down to the Campus bar and get a boxing lesson, sponsored by the Free UFC Bet website.

Sadly coach Jenson won't be there giving out a few punches and polishing up your technique, but you will be able to be inspired by two of the best boxers on the planet - thats right we've convinced the bar to get the Mayweather vs Ortiz fight on pay-per-view.


The UQ Boxing Club cordially invites all members, non-members, alumni and friends of the club to please join us for an evening of fine dining, drinking, live music and celebrations in honour of another fantastic year.

Tickets are $45 for members and $50 for non-members
These can be purchased at any of the club training sessions.

As a change from your usual sweaty garb, the event will require cocktail attire…so boys we’d like to see your ties and girls your dresses!

Partners and under 18s welcome.


Jeff has since taken over as the Head Coach and our veterans Kristian, Alex Tran and Dylan Katzer also provide invaluable knowledge and skills for new members to learn from.

In the past few years the Club has entered into a new phase and we are proud to say that our member base has grown into a unique and diverse group, with a significant portion of members being females and international students.

This new phase has seen training sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays garnering attendance levels ranging from between 20-40 people.


As one of the oldest Sporting Clubs at the University of Queensland, the Boxing Club has a rich history of achievement and success. Having been founded in the early 1900s, the club competed on a broad stage and enjoyed a disproportionately high success rate, especially compared with southern campuses. The club’s popularity led to its first UQ Blue award in 1936 after which a succession of Blues have been won since. The award standards were and still are some of the most demanding and exacting of all University sports.

National Golden Gloves Challenge

National Golden Gloves & National Novice challenge

2nd December (heats) and 3rd December (finals)

This year Boxing Queensland will be hosting the National Golden Gloves and the National Novice Challenge, two of Australia's premier amateur boxing competitions. The event will be held over two days, with three heat sessions on Saturday 2nd December and the finals on Sunday 3rd December.

UQ Boxing's Boxing Day Event

Bowls, Beer and barbequeing...

Celebrate Boxing Day exactly one month prior with UQ Boxing Club's Boxing Day event. Everyone is welcome to come along for a great afternoon and evening of lawn bowls, quality BBQ (with meats supplied by Clancy James and bread by St. Lucia Bakery), delicious fresh salads, and fantastic bowls club priced beverages. The afternoon kicks off at 6pm at Toowong Bowls and will carry on late into the night. There will also be a few prizes up for grabs.