Ward wants Carl Froch fight, but not in Nottingham

American boxer Andre Ward has admitted that he wants to face English Carl Froch once again and is also prepared to travel to the United Kingdom if he needed to in order to make the fight happen.

The World Boxing Association or the WBA has ordered its two Super Middleweight champions to face each other - Froch is the holder of the regular belt whereas the American is the Super World title holder - but Ward had previously gone on record to say that he would not accede to the Englishman's demands of having the fight in Nottingham.

However, the American who beat the Cobra on points in 2011 told a media outlet that it was only the request for a fight in Nottingham, particularly the City Ground, where the Nottingham Forest Football Club plays its matches that he turned down. Ward said that he was more than ready to travel to any other part of the country for the rematch and the Wembley Stadium tops his wish list.

Carl Froch has long been asking Ward for a rematch to avenge his loss to him and according to the American, the UK is one thing and Nottingham is something else entirely. He added that now Froch is demanding that since he went to the United States, Ward must come to Nottingham.

However, according to Ward, that was not the case. Their fight in the Super Six took place in Atlantic City, which is a six hour plane ride away from where he stays. Ward said that he lives on the West Coast and the fight happened on the East Coast.

Andre Ward added that he is not willing to come to Nottingham but will fight Carl Froch in any other arena in the United Kingdom and especially at the fabled Wembley Arena.